Manuscript Submission

Manuscripts may be sent to editor@medico-pedagogy as email attachments. Attached files should be in Microsoft Word format or text file format. Pictures or figures should be sent as GIF or JPEG files. The first page of each manuscript should contain a) the title, b) the name of the author(s) and affiliation(s), c) a brief abstract of the paper, and d) several keywords for indexing purposes. Papers must be written in English, French or German(English is desirable) There is not the paper edition of our journal and everything is free of cost about your contribution of papers and publication in internet site.

Call for papers

The Journal of Disability and Medico-Pedagogy (Journal of Disability, Medicine and Education) invites the submission of articles reflecting a variety of topics, disciplines, and research methods in various areas of developmental disability including: early intervention, medical research, special education, social welfare systems, vocational rehabilitation, aid for employment, and social situations of various countries and cultures.
In addition to those, we also invite correspondences or letters in which your ordinary daily works with the disabled are described with a light heart, or simple opinion on your work about disability. We think that such a trifling matter may give very important information to person in other countries about the situation of educational, social welfare system or background culture.