Yokohama Research Institute for Disability
(Yokohama Kiso Kenkyusho)

Our institute(former matsuishi laboratory in Yokohama National University) is established in social welfare corporation Kurumi-Kai in Yokohama City and aims at medical, sociological and educational research of developmental disabilities-mental retardation, autistic disorders,  physical developmental disorders etc- in establishing close relationship with medical school of Yokohama City University, the department of social welfare and the department of education of Yokohama City and Kanagawa Prefecture, using various research and clinical establishments-for example, Yokohama City Rehabilitation Center, Kanagawa Rehabilitation and Education Center, and public or private institutions for disabled. Staff and collaborator of our laboratory consist of the  professor emeritus of Faculty of Education and Human Sciences of Yokohama National University, medical school of Yokohama City University, japanese and foreign students of doctor or master course, with collaboration of medical doctors in many hospitals, teachers particularly of special education and social caseworkers for disabled in Yokohama City.