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The first of our research theme is the examinations of  the medical causes of developmental disability, particularly mental retardation with chromosomal abnormality. The second is the epidemiological study in Yokohama City, the second largest city in Japan with the population of 3.7 million.The third is the study on the autistic disorders, particularly its social aspects and the clinical classification of this disorder. The fourth theme is the relationship and collaboration between education and medicine, particularly special education. We plan to use these research results for medical treatment and educational process. We present the results of our research and would like to discuss those medical and social problems presented from international point of view.

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1-1.Mental Retardation Incidence in Yokohama City
The administrative management for mentally retarded persons
1-3.An Epidemiological Study on the Cause of Mental Retardation in Yokohama City
1-4.Neuropsychiatric Complications and Medication of Mental Retardation
A Study on Complications of Mental Retardation
1-6.Study on the Prevalence Rate of Pervasive Developmental Disorder in Yokohama City

1-7.A Research on Mentally-Disabled Prisoners in Japanese Prisons
1-8.The History and Future of Welfare on Persons with Intellectual Disability in Yokohama-Influence from the United States and France-

The Brain Structure as the Intermediary for the Emotions-The Cerebral Limbic System etc-
2-2.Recent knowledge concerning the neural development disorder hypothesis of schizophrenia with interpretations and observations of the Wagner brain case.
2-3.Chromosomal Abnormalities
2-4.Intoxication(carbon monoxide intoxication)

3.Autistic Disorder
3-1.Autism and Vocational training
3-2.Autism and Early Detection
3-3.Nosology of Autism

3-4.Understanding and Supporting the Activities of Autistic Patients--Based on the Fundamentals of Cognitive Science and the Science of the Brain
Autism as seen from the field of neuroscience(under construction)
3-6.Major Revision of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM)

4.Medicine and Special Education
Bertrand Russellfs Educational Theory
.The role of Special Teacher in Special Education
4-2.Special Education and Society
4-3.Education and Speech Therapy

4-5.Developmental Pedagogy[PDF]
4-6.A Visit of Yokohama Rehabilitation Center
4-7.Langage and Brain
4-8.Reading "child chronic fatigue syndrome"

4-9.On the Pedagogical Theory of Maria Montessori
4-10.gSpecific Learning Disabilitiesh in the United States and gGeneral learning difficultiesh in Australia
4-11.Development of special education through physiological approaches - Seguin and Kephart-
4-12.Nneuropsychiatric strategy for intellectual disability

.Special Education and Vocation
How to increase and fulfill the special teacher

.Public Health and Social Welfare
6-1.Society and Economy of Welfare State (Wohlfahrtsstaat)(under construction)
6-2.Brief Summary of Public Health in the United States
6-3.Experience in Yokohama as a Master Course Student of Public Health
6-4.History and Backgroud of the Treatment of the Intellectually Disabled in the USA
6-5.Social welfare and educational support for people with disabilities in the United Sates and Japanfs Independence-Support Law of People with Disabilities(under constructure)
6-6.Poverty of Young Generarion and Preventative Measures of Disability in Japan

7.Art and Education

7-1.Research on Children's Drawings
7-2 Pathographic analysis of Vincent Van Gogh and its significance
7-2.An essay on Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice"


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